Thursday, 21 July 2011

The last post.

On Tuesday I graduated. I am now officially Mr Dean William Barber BA (Hons).

The day was so good, the weather was perfect. The ceremony was really nice and I was the 11th person to go up, I have something with that number. I didn't look as much as a donut in the gown and hat as I thought I would. Drinks after at Cafe Rouge were really nice and it was cool to see people for the last time. Nay was happy to see Keith and I was happy to see Kate, obviously.

I booked a room in Tyler Court for that night. A few of us went out to The Venue and it was a really good night, even waiting 45 minutes for a kebab was fun. I rolled down Tyler hill whilst drunk and am glad I achieved this. Broomy fell over and I thought it was because she was drunk so laughed, only to fall in the same spot 10 seconds later. The grass was wet, she wasn't drunk. Georgi pole danced on a tree.

I got up ridiculously early because I had an appointment at the job centre and then had to go to the school I'll be working in from September.

That's it, university is officially over and so is this blog. I'm a graduate. This is all bittersweet. Incredible 3 years that I will never forget.

Peace x

Saturday, 18 June 2011


On Thursday we were going to go camping but because it was awful weather and we just plain couldn't be bothered we cooked fajitas and made a FORT! As if we were 10-year-old kids again! We sat in the fort drinking and watching programmes such as Geordie Shore and me and Cabes (Oh, and George her bear...) slept in it! Was totes bon.

THEN CAME FRIDAY AKA RESULTS DAY AKA LIFE CHANGING DAY! Finally after three years of work we'd find out if we passed our degrees! WE ALL DID! I got a 2:2! So pleased. It's what I said I've wanted since I first came to university. I never pushed myself to get a 2:1, no matter how hard I tried or how many different approaches I took, I just couldn't get my coursework higher than a 2:2! Exams, however were different. I got 2:1's in every one! Still, the average brought it down to a 2:2 and I am so pleased! Ironically, the exam I thought I'd failed and would have to resit is the exam I did best in...

Last night we went to The Venue and got drunk! Was bon. Cabes of course, got emotional and kept wondering off and Broomy's feet hurt so we left at about 1! We randomly gave ourselves the nicknames Broomstick, Chopstick and Cinnamonstick haha.

Today I packed some more and then went to town to meet Broomy from work! We went for our last ever carve whilst we are students with Cabes! Was really good but for the first time EVER none of us got second helpings! How odd of us! Then we walked through a cemetery to Hillside for the last time (well, for me). I grabbed the last of my belongings that were there and dashed. I don't think any of us wanted to make a big thing of it because it's really hard to comprehend. We said a goodbye and I just left. It's so weird. Broomy and Cabes are the best people, not seeing them at LEAST once a week is not a thought I can deal with easily. I'm really depressed!!!

I'm going to get drunk on cheap wine and eat humous and wraps in homage to my beloved Katie Elizabeth Cable whilst I pack the rest of my stuff up. Tomorrow I move back to Essex and back in with my parents for good and my university life is then pretty much over, except for graduation.

Peace x

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Just a quickie...

Tonight I went to Hillside and Cabes cooked a buffting dinner of sweet and sour chicken with rice mmmmm, oh wow - totes bon yah?

Then we chilled for a bit...

...and then I had to say goodbye to E3's finest the one and only (taking it back to the old school) East London (Chinchilla, China). This was bad times and she cried (what can I say, I tend to make a deep impact on peoples lives...). I don't think it really hit me until NOW. It's 2am and I wanna kill myself hahaha. So depressed. Think what's gonna happen this week has finally hit me. Really on a downer about this all.

Alas, I can't wait to see Chin back in Essex and to go Faces & Nu :-).

Peace x


The end is approaching so quickly, I dislike. Not bon.

We had our last EVER Artsfest on Saturday. The weather was started raining at one point and after trying to stay dry we gave up and just embraced it in our drunken state. After that I was loving life! We went back to Hillside for some food and then headed back to campus for the fireworks and to listen to some of the DJ. It was incredible! The fireworks were so good and we had so much fun with the DJ. I, of course showed off my running man :-). The new system meant that there was a fence the whole way round the field and we had to go through these barriers to get in. So long, because of this and the weather it felt quite empty but it was still a good time. We were all worried about the limitations they'd put on taking alcohol in so me and Broomy went to loads of effort of piercing a hole in a cranberry carton, buying and using a funnel to pour vodka in, then covering it up with paper and tape so it wasn't noticeable...only to find when we got there they didn't even care about the amount of alcohol we were gonna take in! NOT BON.

On Monday me, Cabes & Broomy finally did our boat tour! It was the best thing ever, I loved learning about the history and George our tour guide was an absolute LAD! Afterwards we had lunch by the river and it was well nice. Then we went to the cathedral and shockingly it was my first time there!!! I wish I'd gone before, it was the nicest building ever. We're lucky to graduate from there, so lucky!

That night we went to the works...and got very, very drunk (well me, at least). I lost my glasses...TWICE (and found them twice, with the help of Cabes ;-)). We played with the ballpit balls ha. The lens on my camera broke and whilst I was fiddling with my camera and the settings and taking photos to see if I'd fixed it some big, fat, ugly, beast of a heffa turned to me and said 'ARE YOU TAKING PICTURES OF ME FROM BEHIND?' Errrr no love, maybe if you loose a few I'd wanna perve on you! I then persisted to prove to her that I hadn't and made her look through all my photos. GUTTED. Waste.

Yesterday I met Broomy in the gardens by my house and then we met Cabes and headed towards these random gardens by the river that George told us about on this tiny island. It was the nicest place EVER! Again, wish I'd discovered it and been before!! After chilling for a bit we went home and I met Cabes that evening to go to Brian's (ha) for a beer and to see some live music. They were well good. One of the band members was well arrogant though, wearing his sunglasses and making demands here and there! He even insisted people bring him one of these chairs so that he could 'look like Snoop Dogg', oh wow...

Me and Cabes have realised saying 'oh wow...' makes us sound really sarcastic. Ha! Love it though!

Anyway, tonight I'm saying goodbye to Chinchilla :-( bad times. Her and most others are going to beach break tomorrow. It's not gonna be fun tonight!!!!

This week is going TOO QUICKLY. Want it to last forever. Been the bonnest week I've had at Uni so far! Still, one week today until Glasto!!

Now, on with packing up my room...

Peace x

Friday, 10 June 2011

...and now, the end is near.

SO CLOSE. Don't want it to come. Won't think about it yet. Still have a week and a day or two.

I've been so rubbish at doing this which is annoying as when I leave Uni I'm going to close this blog.

I went home for a wedding. It was nice. We all got drunk as always with weddings and we had a buffting chicken and apricot stuffing dinner.

Came back for our last ever Summer Ball at Kent Uni. We all knew this year was gonna be rubbish compared to previous years. Last year we had Florence & The Machine, Feeder & Tinie Tempah playing, the year before we had Dizzee and I'm unsure who else, this year we had...McFly, Everything Everything & Tinchy...Not bon. They had less rides and less people went which actually was a good thing but yeah, not as good as most years. Still had fun though. Ditched McFly in favour of the bumper cars as there was less of a queue :-).

Had my first proper job interview, was scary. Dunno how it went.

Came back for Boomen's 21st. Totes bon. Had THE tiniest paddling pool and another slightly larger one filled with ice cubes and alcohol, shish, loads of shots, pin the tail on the donkey and a pinata! Was a lot of laughs. Me and Katie made one of our freshers-style cocktails consisting of wine, cider, beer, vodka, gin and cranberry - it was soooooo nice! Loved it and it got us nicely drunk :-). Went Venue and actually had a really good night. Drunk loads more and spent lots more than one would hope but hey-ho, making the most of my last couple of weeks! Katie kept having breakdowns after saying her first 'proper goodbye' and we all got a bit depressed when they were playing old songs from back in our freshers days...

Today I went round to Hillside for a bit, then went to town with Katie to keep her company as she collected photos before a meal. WELL, we got SO drenched. WORST WEATHER EVER!!!! The streets were flooded! My plimsoles are ruined and had puddles in them, and my jeans were soaked through! Katie was a drama llama when we got on the bus and she couldn't close her umbrella ella ella, was fun times but not bon for her. After her meal I met her again, went to Hillside again and chilled for a bit. She started packing her stuff up and NOW I AM REALLY DEPRESSED!!!!

Tomorrow is our last ever Artsfest. Todays weather would have sufficiently ruined the field already and as more rain is expected tomorrow we are unsure what this is gonna mean. Weather is always FIT for it usually. Annoying that they have changed it and it's a ticket system with a huge fence caging us in this year AND DON'T GET ME STARTED ON THE ALCOHOL LIMIT!!!! I'm gonna spend so much money on alcohol there I can tell. Alas, if anything makes the day crappy we're just gonna come back to mine for a final basement party. Oh wow, totes bon yah?

Peace x

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Starve before carve...

...I need to do that more. It is sooo good but I get full so easily! I wish I'd left room for ice cream. Probably a good thing I didn't. Fatty.

Went Venue on Friday to celebrate the end of what could be my last ever exam period. It was alright. Not great. Bit boring. I didn't drink half as much as I usually do but got really drunk even though I didn't think I was at the time. I blame the tequila. I woke up feeling fine. Then after my shower I felt awful. Worst headache. Felt like I was going to be sick. After numerous attempts of pukeage at home and at Hillside I eventually vom'd in the street of Hillside Avenue :-).

We went to Keynestock. I eat a burger and my hangover was cured so I carried on drinking. Beer was a good time. The bands were really good, some of them - anyway. I liked the one with the girl who we couldn't tell if she was a girl or a boy. I also liked a band called Tigerwolf and a band who were 50's inspired. People danced as if they were in Grease. A few highlights came from China who didn't realise there were different types of cheese she just thought there was 'like, Asda cheese?'. She has also revealed her fear of people dressed up (after I pushed her into the man dressed as a sub outside subway :-)) and was very scared of the men dressed up as animals at Keynestock. She also persisted to shout 'THAT'S ME!' when a band stated their next song was called 'Classy Jezebel'. Oh Chinchilla...

Today I did nothing all day. I was so bored! Who knew I'd miss having revision to do? I have watched everything good on all the iplayer type websites :-(. This evening I went for a carve. It was such a good time, as always.


Thursday, 26 May 2011

Well I never

Tomorrow is my last exam of my last year at university. Hopefully, that is. I need to actually have passed these exams. If I have though, then tomorrow is the last time I will ever do anything academic at the University of Kent.

These last three years have gone ridiculously quick!!! I remember the exams in my first year when I didn't even really revise because it didn't matter that much. These though, I have revised for for two months, pretty much daily. I have to scribble my notes over and over for it to register. I have a lump that comes up on my finger when I write too much. I have a blister on my thumb where I've been using a pen so often. My right eye has been twitching for a month now even though I've been sleeping full nights. I'm constantly tired. If I revise now, I get an instant ache in my head. Yes, this years exam period has been quite something.

On Monday I had my Youth and Crime exam. I thought it would be the easiest, ironically it was the hardest of the three I've so far sat. I'd revised topics that came up, but the things the questions around them topics were focusing on were the parts I'd barely revised. I just blagged it and hope I can get enough marks to scrape a pass.

I hope I get a 2:2 overall in my degree. I'll be disappointed if not.

It's 9.22 and I'm falling asleep so I think I'll go to bed now and watch Gavin and Stacey or something before I sleep. I'm always a bit scared I'll oversleep for a morning exam. I rarely get up at 7.30. I have two alarms set, plus my Dad is going to ring me and make sure I'm awake. How am I going to get up if I have a 9-5 in a few months?

I think my house here is haunted. Today has been a miserable day. It has rained a lot and been really dark. The house has felt really eery and I thought I saw a beheaded Victorian lady in the garden earlier when I was washing up. She was wearing a corset. One day soon maybe I'll write a short story about what I think happened to the pub that's now my house (well, for another month at least).

Peace x