Thursday, 21 July 2011

The last post.

On Tuesday I graduated. I am now officially Mr Dean William Barber BA (Hons).

The day was so good, the weather was perfect. The ceremony was really nice and I was the 11th person to go up, I have something with that number. I didn't look as much as a donut in the gown and hat as I thought I would. Drinks after at Cafe Rouge were really nice and it was cool to see people for the last time. Nay was happy to see Keith and I was happy to see Kate, obviously.

I booked a room in Tyler Court for that night. A few of us went out to The Venue and it was a really good night, even waiting 45 minutes for a kebab was fun. I rolled down Tyler hill whilst drunk and am glad I achieved this. Broomy fell over and I thought it was because she was drunk so laughed, only to fall in the same spot 10 seconds later. The grass was wet, she wasn't drunk. Georgi pole danced on a tree.

I got up ridiculously early because I had an appointment at the job centre and then had to go to the school I'll be working in from September.

That's it, university is officially over and so is this blog. I'm a graduate. This is all bittersweet. Incredible 3 years that I will never forget.

Peace x

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